Top 10 Seller Tips – Maximize Your Value!

1) Hire the right Realtor.

Selling real estate is more of an art than a science and the Realtor you choose is singlehandedly the most important decision you can make.  Don’t leave thousands of dollars on the closing table. Seek experience, a trusted reputation, and a consumer-focused approach that focuses on YOUR goals and success.

2) Professional photography is essential. 

Most buyers begin their search online and you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  Bring your property to life and visually standout amongst your competition!

3) Make minor value-adding repairs.

To get top dollar for your property, don’t pass your “to-do” list onto prospective buyers! On their own, a couple touch-ups here and some missing trim there may seem negligible, but in totality it adds up to a list of deferred maintenance.  

4)  Stage to sell.

Whether you hire a professional or work with your home’s existing pieces – staging is one of the most effective ways to maximize value.  Talk with your Realtor about how to incorporate this popular technique into your property’s presentation.  

6) Improve your curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior makes the first impression and speaks to the consumer.  What does your home’s exterior say? Envious curb appeal can be achieved at any time of year with the right team of experts.

7) Don’t overprice. 

It’s time to finally dispel an old myth that in order to sell for fair market value, “negotiation room” should be added to the proper listing price.  In reality, negotiation room is only necessary when the property was overpriced, losing its prime “New Listing” exposure and requiring incentives and price reductions to overcompensate.  

8) Service your systems.

Unless it’s reflected in your property’s price, buyers expect that your home’s mechanical systems have been maintained and are in good working order.  

9) Ask about lockbox use. 

If you think it’s a no-brainer your agent will show every prospective buyer your property, think again.  Your Realtor isn’t there to point out where the bathroom is located, but should highlight any improvements you’ve made, articulate your homes features, answer questions that aren’t obvious, and assess the prospective buyer(s) by asking pointed questions that can offer valuable insight and leverage if you find yourself in negotiations.  

10) Prepare early if you can. 

Every property has different needs and it can take a few days or a few weeks to prepare a property for its big debut.  If you are planning to sell in 2020, this dreary weather offers the perfect time to put your plan of action together!

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