Real Estate Insiders Host

Paul Zarrella

Broker/Owner of Williams & Stuart

Paul Zarrella, your host of the RI Real Estate Insiders, earns his “most trusted real estate advisor” reputation by sharing over 25 years of experience, wisdom, and tales from the trenches through his weekly show. His listeners connect to an entertaining personality that delivers unreserved insight into a popular topic that relates to everyone in some fashion. Paul’s Insider network offers the audience full access to his personal team of trusted professionals and they share commonality as respected leaders in their complementary fields. With accolades in every facet of the real estate industry throughout his tenured career, it was a natural expectation for Paul to one day lead his own brokerage. Today, as the co-founder and President of Williams & Stuart Real Estate, Paul trains his team of 80+ agents to execute the principles and mannerisms he firmly believes in, with the same impassioned voice he brings to the airwaves each week.

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